Real Estate

At UpandAbove we know how to successfully showcase properties to their maximum potential via photography/videography and 3D, 360 virtual tours.

Aerial photography/videography captures the scale and layout of the property, this includes not only the property but the land, gardens and surrounding area. Boundary lines can also be provided to help aid visually land ownership.

What to expect when using UpandAbove’s property photography/videography service?


Upon initial discussion, we will take the basic information regarding the property and discuss with the client about the services they require. This can be; ground photography/videography, aerial photography/videography and or 3D, 360 virtual tours. We will then discuss potential areas of highlight, music, company information etc before booking in a date.


On arrival we will do a scout of the interior & exterior of the property to allow maximum creative potential before setting up the equipment. Property shoots can vary depending on the service and size of the property, this will vary from 45-90 minutes.

We use a range of ground photography/videography equipment from Canon to Sony for all properties. If the property is suitable for aerial photography this will be discussed prior to the date at an additional cost.


All photos and videos will be professionally edited and sent to you via email (WeTransfer). Via this email you will receive a link where you can view and download the images/videos.

All photos/videos & tours will have a quick turnaround of around 2-4 days.

Interior & Exterior Photography
  • Professional high quality edited images
Interior & Exterior Videography
  • Professional high quality edited video
3D, 360 Virtual Tour
  • High quality 3D ,360 tour
  • Monthly hosting fee at an additional cost
All 3 services combined
  • Saving £49

*Prices can vary depending on the size of the property*

Construction Update Imagery

Using drones can be a unique way to capture construction build progression from the air with stunning high quality imagery that can include 360 imagery and 4K video quality. Clients love to see their dream home’s progression take shape from this innovative perspective. With bespoke and cost effective pricing, get in touch for more information.

Business Promotions

Promote your business with high quality photography stills & videography in stunning 4K video quality. They can be used for your: website, social media, flyers, marketing needs, brochures and adverts adding a special touch. Get in contact for more information regarding your vision and we will be more than happy to help!

Promotional video for Discover Real London & The Egerton House Hotel
A journey exploring the stunning Box Hill that is located in Dorking, Surrey

Roof Inspection

An example of a drone roof inspection below – Using a drone has many benefits and advantages compared to conventional roof inspections using a ladder. Traditional inspections have to navigate complex housing designs, dangerous heights, and can cause further damage to tiles in order to gain access.

Using a drone is safe, reliable and cost efficient. Drones can access almost any part of the building’s roof collecting detailed photographic data. It can also significantly reduce inspection costs such as the hiring of scaffolding, lifts, ladders and other climbing equipment, as well as insurance policies per worker. It has the ability to accurately pin-point damage or potential areas of concern safely and with ease.

UpandAbove can offer this service and will take multiple high quality imagery content. We will provide a portfolio report tailored to your needs – by having this information at your disposal will not only provide confidence that your roof is properly maintained, but provide clear insight into any problems which can ensure you get honest quotations regarding repairs.

3D, 360 Matterport Virtual Tours

3D, 360 virtual tours are the most immersive way to experience a property. This enables the viewer to tour through the house virtually as if they were there. Viewers are shown to be 300% more engaged with a Matterport 3D virtual tour compared to its 2D counterpart.